We, the cats

Name: Eole
DOB: May 26th, 2010
Likes: Cuddling, sneezing on people, to stick his tongue out, sparrows
Dislikes: Auguste and people who looks at him for too long
Favorite place: Pallets
Family: His sister, Soleil and father of Azul and Patou

Name: Soleil
DOB: May 26th, 2010
Likes: eating, being the boss, playing with balls and feathers, kittens before 3 months
Dislikes: Most cats older than three months
Favorite place: Julie's bed
Family: His brother, Eole, her daughters Mousse, Azul, Patou and Biscuit

Name: Auguste
DOB: 2006
Likes: Cuddling, being cool, looking like a pirate, visiting the other farms
Dislike: Eole
Favorite place: Long grass
Family: The late Moutarde (on the picture) and the late Isis, his daughters.

Name: Paloma
DOB: March 2012
Likes: hunting, running for no reason, imitating doves
Dislikes: Male cats
Favorite place: None
Family: None

Name: Tom
DOB: March 15th, 2012
Likes: Hunting birds, climbing on the roof, being beautiful, meowing loud
Dislikes: Rude cats and Coyotes
Favorite place: Julie's lap
Family: His brothers, the late Paul and Baptiste

Name: Chausson
DOB: July 31st,2012
Likes: being cute, cuddling, purring, sleeping, being calm
Dislikes: Nothing and no one
Favorite place: Julie's bed
Family: The late Strudel, his brother.

Name: Myrshouk
DOB: July 2012
Likes: climbing, playing with balls and feathers, moving around, hens, roosters and goats
Dislikes: Nothing really
Favorite place: the goat cage
Family: His late brother, Myrchat

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